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QCL's moulded components are manufactured from a dense polyurethane rubber type material, which has excellent noise barrier properties.
The components can be made in solid P.U. or moulded with an integral foam sub strait from chip foam to closed cell foam.
The advantage of a composite moulding is that whilst the P.U. acts as a noise barrier the foam will absorb the higher frequencies.

P.U. is a versatile material, which can be moulded into almost any shape.
Floormats or trim can be made an exact fit for a vehicle cab, which again reduces noise levels.
Because QCL use a cold cure process, tooling is relatively inexpensive and the resin moulds can be easily modified.

 QCL's polyurethane is resistant to most chemicals and will retain its properties over a wide range of temperatures.

 Patterns can be made from the customer’s drawings or CAD files and we have had patterns made direct from the cab floor if needed. Company names, logos and motifs can be incorporated at little or no extra cost. Our experienced staff will be available to advise on design if required.

QCL can also offer a higher grade of polyurethane with greater wear properties.


Land Rover Kit

The Land Rover kit provides greatly reduced noise levels and an aesthetic finish to the interior.Land Rover Kits, which are a registered design can be obtained from Wright Off Road .

Wheel Chock                                       Bumper

 Street Pad                              Gearbox Cover




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